Josh Rickun started making glasses for the same reason a lot of people make anything, he was disappointed in the quality of what already existed. He wanted a pair of wooden frames that were designed to fit, look, and feel great.  He wanted glasses that emphasize the wood's natural beauty and not just rely on the gimmick of the material.

We have been using and developing a relationship with wood for millennia, there is no more a natural looking or feeling material for a pair of glasses. They are lightweight, comfortable and organic. Josh Rickun has spent over two years developing a process to make the best wooden eyewear available.


The Process

Each pair of Proper Eyewear frames are commissioned and go through a 3 week (19 step process) and take 4 - 6 weeks to deliver. This lengthy process ensures great attention to detail to ensure each frame meets the highest standard of quality.

Step Overview

1. After select shape and species of wood, cut the veneers necessary for the frames.

2.  The shapes are then cut with a laser and assembled in a curved form, the temples are reinforced with a steel core.

3. Once dry, they take a resin bath in a vacuum chamber which stabilizes the wood when heat cured.

4. After cooling, the rough shaping begins to get the frames ready to install the riveted hinges and cut the lens bevel.

5. The frames and temples are then slowly and carefully hand shaped for elegant contours and an ergonomic fit.

6. After the final shaping, they go through a two week oiling, buffing and polishing process

7. before assembly and being sent off to the optician for installation of either Rx or solar lenses.

The Wood

The majority of my wood comes from a supplier of urban lumber in Milwaukee, WI. Because glasses are small objects, I am able to work with material considered too small by most woodworkers. Therefore, the burls, redwood and wenge come from other artists and would otherwise be on the scrap pile.

View Sample of the Wood here.


The Design

These glasses combine a high level of functionality and craftsmanship to create a truly luxurious pair of wooden eyewear.

Proper glasses have the correct curve and groove to fit any type of lens. Along with custom designed spring hinges that adjustable to fit on any face. The temples are reinforced with a steel core to eliminate the risk of breaking in weak points. The laminates are created from alternating veneers and employ techniques used in skateboard construction before being infused with a natural resin to maximize their strength and allow for a finer polish.

Every frame goes through a two week finishing and polishing process to best display the wood's beauty while providing a durable finish.