WOOD Samples

The samples shown below are finished with varnish for an accurate demonstration of color.

Redwood burl

Redwood trees grow along the western coast of the United States and are among the largest and tallest trees in the world. The burl carries a lot of detail and it's warm color compliments many skin tones.

Bird's Eye Maple

Bird's Eye Maple is a figure caused by unfavorable growing conditions, mostly in Sugar Maples. When new shoots are abandoned because of bad conditions, many tiny dots resembling bird's eyes are left. It's light tone and concentrated detail is great for sunglasses.

Black walnut

Black walnut grows well in the Midwest and is prized by woodworkers worldwide for its rich color, figure and strength. It's dark but warm tones make it an excellent choice for most skin tone.

Curly Maple

Tight, waving grains reflect light to give the maple a 3 dimensional curled effect and strong luster. Looks great when used for temples to contrast a dark frame.

Figured walnut

Figured walnut comes from the crotch of the tree and is often used for rifle stocks and wood turnings. Wood fibers weave together where two trunks meet, creating a tortoise shell effect.

Spalted Maple

Partial decay of a tree is called spalting. This gives the maple dark lines and streaks where fungus has begun to attack the wood.


Walnut sapwood

While black walnut is often celebrated for it's rich heartwood, the pale sapwood closest to the bark makes for a vintage style dark to light ombre.

Maple burl

Hard Maple is Wisconsin's state tree and is a truly hard wood. Its burls create a spotty and glowing effect. Great for a lot of detail in tight places.


Cherry wood has a consistent straight grain and a deep golden red tone and glowing luster. It's lighter color works well on pail skin tones and very dark skin tones or as sunglasses.

Apple crotch

In general, apple wood is a straight grained hardwood with almost no contrast. Apple crotch, however, has wavy, contrasting lines of red, white, black and amber. Check for availability.

Cherry crotch

When two cherry trunks meet, the fibers weave together to create swimming grain and waves of warm cherry tone.


Wenge is an african hardwood from the Republic of Congo. It's hardness makes it difficult to work with, but is well worth it in the end for it's glass like finish and deep black color. Check for availability.